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What are they thinking…
As we all know long-time Hialeah City Council member Esteban “Steve” Bovo was just elected to the Florida House, leaving a vacancy on the City Council. That vacancy was to be filled by appointment, it is after all just a one year term and the appoint would save the city some cash in running an election; however it seems we had forgotten what happens when the council is left to determine these matters.

Tuesday evening they went ahead and appointed a 21-year old St. Thomas University student to fill the seat. Now I’m sure Katherine Cue, who formerly served as Mayor Julio Robaina’s staff member, is a sharp young woman with excellent potential, but as a citizen you have and ask yourself who else could have been considered? Can the council possibly tell that there were no other qualified candidates?

Lets just clarify, Hialeah is the fifth largest city in the state, its ripe with professionals — attorneys, accountants, social workers, teachers even those who have previously served or have a long standing history of activism in the community. Miss Cue should have been left to further mature in her current staff member role, or even as a council assistant. Yes, the youth should to be represented, but youth is wise enough to know to that experience counts for something.

Her appointment won’t be official until Next Tuesday’s (Nov. 25) meeting. This is one of those moments when we need to call all the council members and express our dismay.


photo-ebovoWith the win of the State House District 110 seat, Hialeah Council President Esteban ”Steve” Bovo leaves a ten year legacy and an open seat on the council.

At the last City Council meeting, Bovo was bid a fond farewell, and presented with a city proclamation and many well wishes — the city was obviously confident of his win. His departure however, poses the task of filling his council seat, which is not up for another year.

City Attorney William Grodnick proposed two options — either appoint someone or call for a special election. It appears we’ll be going with an appointment, based on council concerns about the cost associated with running a special election. A replacement must be named no more than 30 days after the Nov. 4 election, meaning the Nov. 25 council meeting should be a good one — mark your calenders. Also up in the air is who will succeed Bovo as council president.

Bovo will continue to serve the city of Hialeah as his district office covers portions of Hialeah and Miami Lakes.