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As a former FBLA member I find great pride in seeing the newest addition to Hialeah academics, Mater Academy Charter Middle and High School, making their mark at the state level with 26 first place awards.

FBLA, Future Business Leaders of America is a nonprofit which allows students to participate in business-related programs.

Way to go kids, check out the full Miami Herald Article.


technology2Each year companies rally behind innovation and each year Deloitte ranks the 500 fastest-growing technology companies, it includes all areas of technology — from Internet to life sciences, from computers to semiconductors — and covers both public and private companies. At 458 Hialeah-based Simclar, Inc. has a solid standing in Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 program and we must say it’s exciting to see one of our own among the list.

While Simclar, Inc. has offices world-wide their U.S. headquarters are located in Hialeah. The 29,000 sq. ft. facility is dedicated to cable assembly, molded cable manufacture and high-level electronics assembly — it houses 140 employees serving the needs of a wide-range of customers in consumer, automotive and general electronics sectors.

Hialeah Hospital is now sporting a brand new operating room. Yesterday’s Miami Herald reported the hospital has completed a $12 million makeover of its operating room. The new facility, unveiled yesterday, features nine operating suites, 12 new recovery rooms, and a new family waiting area and consultation room.
A 378-bed acute care Tenet hospital, Hialeah has served central to north Miami-Dade since 1951 and features an award-winning Weight Loss Surgery Program which is rate Five Stars and Number-One in Florida by HealthGrades®.

Pizza — God’s gift to man, in our opinion, is universally loved and adored. You really can’t have a bad time having a slice. In Hialeah there are plenty of chain pizza places catering to pizza-loving residents, but only a few spots offer up a true pizzeria vibe with superb pizza — Salvatore Pizzeria is one of those.

Located next to Flannigan’s at 1550 W 84th St., the unobtrusive spot is family-run and they couldn’t be nicer. Decorated with old family images and vistas of Italy the centerpiece is still the pizza oven which resides behind the counter welcoming diners. The service is attentive, speedy and reasonably priced (two beers and medium pie roughly $18). Great for a quick bite to eat or to catch the game and just goes to prove Hialeah’s not only good for Cuban food.

Salvatore Pizzeria: Two-thumbs ups (305) 821-7016

The Sun-Sentinel reports that FC Barcelona and Miami businessman Marcelo Claure, who owns FC Bolivar, recently met with Mayors Julio Robaina and Manny Diaz to explore the possibility of a stadium for an MLS expansion team that’s in the the works for South Florida.

Now soccer fans don’t jump the gun, this was very preliminary considering the franchise has not been approved and there’s a five-year agreement on the table with FIU. As Mr. Claure put it, ‘you’ve got to walk before you can run’ — he’s right and we wish them well, be it at FIU or in the future in Hialeah.

Background: South Florida briefly had the Fusion, which played at Fort Lauderdale’s Lockhart Stadium for four years before being disbanded after the 2001 season.

Its about time South Florida had a major league soccer team again — its a no-brainer the demographics are perfect.

The last few days are a clear reminder of why we continue to live with the heat and humidity for a few months out of the year — our weather is just stunning. Fresh, cool and bright sunny days what more can we ask for? Well maybe some outdoor seating to take it all in.

Yesterday, as we sat in the parking lot at Starbucks 49 street, it dawned on us that there really are no outdoor dinning venues in Hialeah. We apparently weren’t the only ones that decided to celebrate the weather by grabbing a coffee at an outdoor table, the place was packed. Problem was we still hadn’t had dinner.

Now where could we go, have a casual diner outdoors close to home? Um well, nowhere really. And that in our humble opinion is sad. Tourists flock to the sand and surf and yes the beach accommodates them with sidewalk tables, fans and those neat misty machines, but what about the natives. Granted for a few months we’d be lining up for the AC, but otherwise why not add a few tables throw in a few potted palms or trees and create some ambiance.

Our evening ended at Chilis, which was great, good company decent food, but we couldn’t help but think, how hard would it be to add a few tables outside, see what happens.

Side note: Latin Cafe has some tables but really its more a sit and wait while your orders prepared kind of thing. And rumor has it Applebee’s has some outdoor seating, but we missed it on our visit.

As we blog-away a thoughts occurred — why haven’t Hialeah businesses considered the economic impact free WI-FI could potentially provide?
Several locations now offer WI-FI, but at a nominal fee. So rather than fork-up the WI-FI fee we find ourselves driving to far-flung locations in search of the elusive FREE WI-FI and in the process buy coffee, snacks, water, Frapuccinos, sandwiches and whatever else will pull us through the evening. Now if you calculate gas and time its probably far more affordable to go to say Chicos, Denny’s, or CiCi’s and plop down at a table than drive to a free-spot, but what can we say, there’s some magical quality about the words FREE. They entice people, lures them into the black hole to spend more. Right now, as its stands we’re aware of one FREE WI-FI location — Amelia Earhart Park, which closes at sundown.
So here’s a thought business owners, most of you already pay for internet connection, why not entice customers with that four letter word FREE? We promise we’ll come, check cards in hand.