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A 21-year old City Council member?

Posted on: November 19, 2008

What are they thinking…
As we all know long-time Hialeah City Council member Esteban “Steve” Bovo was just elected to the Florida House, leaving a vacancy on the City Council. That vacancy was to be filled by appointment, it is after all just a one year term and the appoint would save the city some cash in running an election; however it seems we had forgotten what happens when the council is left to determine these matters.

Tuesday evening they went ahead and appointed a 21-year old St. Thomas University student to fill the seat. Now I’m sure Katherine Cue, who formerly served as Mayor Julio Robaina’s staff member, is a sharp young woman with excellent potential, but as a citizen you have and ask yourself who else could have been considered? Can the council possibly tell that there were no other qualified candidates?

Lets just clarify, Hialeah is the fifth largest city in the state, its ripe with professionals — attorneys, accountants, social workers, teachers even those who have previously served or have a long standing history of activism in the community. Miss Cue should have been left to further mature in her current staff member role, or even as a council assistant. Yes, the youth should to be represented, but youth is wise enough to know to that experience counts for something.

Her appointment won’t be official until Next Tuesday’s (Nov. 25) meeting. This is one of those moments when we need to call all the council members and express our dismay.


13 Responses to "A 21-year old City Council member?"

We are living…in an Obama world…and she is just a little girl.

Pity the poor kid. She’s being used. I thought the mayor was smart enough to not be so frickin’ obvious about appointing another robot to the council. If he would have appointed his mother, at least we’d know she could make him be a good boy now and then. Geez, Julio!

The girl may have some great ideas as most young people have, but I doubt any of the old politicians will listen to her. Hialeah has so much potential, but tourists will never flock to Hialeah. The girls might be beautiful, but the city looks uuugggly! I’ve seen pictures of Hialeah in the old days, it looked better back then. Oh well. I hope this girl can be tough enough to add a woman’s touch to such an awful looking sprawlburb.

This poor kid as some of you refer to her has the ability to step up and represent our city in a way we would all be proud. Don’t we all wish that our children would have the strive and determination of this “poor kid”. Nope, no robot here. With a mind of her own and an iniciative to make wise decisions that will improve the quality of education in our city. And in case some of you have not noticed, In the past few years “Since Mayor Robains’s took office, Hialeah has seen incredible growth. New restaurants, educational programs, e-libraries, cultural programs, art exhibits and a sense for leadership. Sure, many people could have been qualified for the position but since only one could occupy it, the council was forced to eliminate candidates based on what their knowledge, experience and contacts could contribute to the city’s education system. This was what made Katherine the best selection for them. Her experience as the Education Liason and having worked with principals, parents and students in a successful and effective way made her stand out and end up the unanimous choice. I for one, being a parent who has had the pleasure of working with her am pleased to see her occupy this position and look forward to have my child and myself be represented by somone with such commitment and devotion toward her work.

Ok, so it is official, Ms. Cue was officially sworn in (wait do they swears them in?), at any rate, it is best to be fully informed before blasting away… so I decided to do some investigating of my own.

Before I get into that, what was that dumb Obama comment about? It sounded derogatory and it inferred that Obama’s nomination is the start of many things gone wrong. Which I don’t find surprising coming from some idiot in Hialeah.

Back to Cue, apparently her main role will be to serve primarily as it relates to education… that being said, I don’t disagree that someone older would be better suited, but I feel that Hialeah is made up of it’s people and right now its’ people are either dead, dying or close to it, the other spectrum of those people are a whole bunch of Hialeahians who have little to no social/communal responsibility. Hialeahians who live in the bubble of the cars they can’t afford, they close they bought at Wasteland and cant wait for the next questionable gay guy to walk by to stare, point and whisper “cherna” or “pajaro”. The city is sterile in it’s community activism and moreover couldn’t spell community or define it if their porcelain nails depended on it. There is no young progressive movement in Hialeah. If Ms. Cue is the face of our youth at it’s best, than we need to promote that and find more like her. Moreover, we need to become a bit more progressive than we’ve been. Much like a swinging pendalin, this is an upswing to that start; I am hopeful that a medium will be found for the betterment of the entire city.

Think big people, think big… The city is stagnant, depressing and needs some refreshing.

You know. This is like Obama. He already won so we have to deal with it. Well, it is the same here. She already got appointed so let’s deal with it and pray that she does a good job. My daughter is 15. She is very smart. I know I would be honored if she was in Ms. Cue’s position. At this point only time will tell.

It is very clear that Anon is not a citizen from Hialeah. My question is, Then what is the interest in this city? Stick to your own ground and leave us to ours. I do agree that if Ms Cue is the face of our youth, that we need to find more like her. As far as spelling community, Anon needs to do some spelling check as well.

Don’t any of you know 40 year olds that act as if they were 10. I sure do. Let her do her job and that is what will say if she is qualified or not.

I think Hialeah has something unique about it. Its ability to express its diversity in many ways. Age being one of them. This is nothing but a number. This 21 year old girl can possibly do better than a 45 year old man, whom many think its the right age and gender for this position. I hope her the best ! and as a hialean myself. Miss Cue, keep the City of Hialeah pride going !


Go get a clue. You know nothing about Hialeah, its History, people, community activisim, or it politics, other than what you may of heard about it in Kendall ofcourse…the real S. Fla traffic nightmare.

Do some real research about its youth (including how many of its Hispanic Hialeah High School seniors are going to Ivy league schools this year) and then come talk about us. Dont come here to spew your ignorant sewage. For God’s sake do a simple Google search!!

Hialeah needs a good kick in the ass. Hopefully this new council-woman can convince the older ones to truly make the city progressive.

I work in City Hall. There is something wrong with the City’s leadership and many of its employees.

Many employees have been arrested during the past few years for accepting bribes. AKA – Inspectors.

I am worried about the integrity of the City’s leadership. Former Mayor Martinez left a bad impression that cannot be easily erased. I’m not even sure how that crook got his name on the building.

Hialeah is getting better. I think it needs some safety improvements though. Safety should be measured by the ability of a person crossing the street without fearing the possibility of getting hit by a car. How does a young woman feel walking around the City at night? I bet they dont feel safe unless they are inside their vehicles.

How many children ride their bikes to school? I bet less than 1%.

The east side of Hialeah may be the poorest, but it has the most potential for redevelopment. The west side is currently a big sprawlburb.

Can Ms. Cue make Hialeah safer? Can she truly represent the best interests of its citizens? I hope so. I hope she has the courage to stand up against the phonies. I hope she understands that no one person knows all of the answers. I hope that she goes out of her way to analyze problems, figure out alternatives, and recommend solid solutions. Good luck Ms. Cue. Good Luck Hialeah.

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