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Bird watching on the commute

Posted on: October 30, 2008

This morning after coffee spilled onto the floor of the car and several profanities were blurted out, the first thought that came to mind was — is the Grove relocating their signature birds?

We should explain, its standard procedure to see a couple chickens, a flock of pigeons and even a stray dog on the morning commute out of Hialeah, but when a peacock darts out in front of the car, well that makes you stop and contemplate things.

Yes, peafowl are common in the Grove, hey they even want to put them on birth control, but in Hialeah, well we’re more a chicken or rooster kind of town. It’d be less startling to see a flamingo stroll by considering there’s a flock over at the racetrack.

Anyhow what’s the deal? Are local botanicas branching out or is the peacock the next phase of lawn decor? — Enlighten us please.


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