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Where’s la terraza?

Posted on: October 29, 2008

The last few days are a clear reminder of why we continue to live with the heat and humidity for a few months out of the year — our weather is just stunning. Fresh, cool and bright sunny days what more can we ask for? Well maybe some outdoor seating to take it all in.

Yesterday, as we sat in the parking lot at Starbucks 49 street, it dawned on us that there really are no outdoor dinning venues in Hialeah. We apparently weren’t the only ones that decided to celebrate the weather by grabbing a coffee at an outdoor table, the place was packed. Problem was we still hadn’t had dinner.

Now where could we go, have a casual diner outdoors close to home? Um well, nowhere really. And that in our humble opinion is sad. Tourists flock to the sand and surf and yes the beach accommodates them with sidewalk tables, fans and those neat misty machines, but what about the natives. Granted for a few months we’d be lining up for the AC, but otherwise why not add a few tables throw in a few potted palms or trees and create some ambiance.

Our evening ended at Chilis, which was great, good company decent food, but we couldn’t help but think, how hard would it be to add a few tables outside, see what happens.

Side note: Latin Cafe has some tables but really its more a sit and wait while your orders prepared kind of thing. And rumor has it Applebee’s has some outdoor seating, but we missed it on our visit.


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Hialeah needs a lincoln road we should propose this to the city counsel and find some investors

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