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The train comes to town

Posted on: October 23, 2008

Now there’s no worse predicament than to be “caught by the train” sitting, waiting and praying our boss will believe “the train was crossing” line again, but here’s a neat picture from 1927 that may leave you thinking differently next time you’re “caught.”
Featured is the first arrival of the Orange Blossom Special — check out miss Miss Hialeah to the left.

The Orange Blossom Special was a deluxe passenger train operated primarily by the Seaboard Air Line Railroad between New York City and Miami in the United States. Inaugurated on November 21, 1925, the service was created to capitalize on the booming development taking place in Florida.
The service was suspended during WWII to free the equipment for wartime use in carrying troops. Its last run was in 1953.


1 Response to "The train comes to town"

HA! Who hasn’t used the famous “I got stuck waiting for the train”. Why is it that it always seems to come just at the RIGHT time to make everyone late?

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