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Vote early, eat lechon asado?

Posted on: October 22, 2008

We’re so very disappointed we couldn’t be there to document the festivities, but we just stumbled across this event. And honestly we can’t think of a more kitschy or ingenious way to engage the local community. Apparently on Oct. 20, the first day of early voting, the Obama/Biden Hialeah field office decided to celebrate in style with a “Lechonazo (early voting event).” Now, Hialeah we know has one of the highest concentrations of Cubans in the country and is decidedly republican ground, barring former long time Democrat Mayor Raul Martinez, yet its events such as this that engage a community. Yea it’s hoaky, but who cares, if it brings out voters or makes a few more people stop and consider the candidates then it should be applauded. The Republicans might actually take a cue and come up with similar events rather than drive around town with bull horns and pick-ups, which we must say are just ostentatious and annoying. Vote Early!


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