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WI-FI, why not?

Posted on: October 21, 2008

As we blog-away a thoughts occurred — why haven’t Hialeah businesses considered the economic impact free WI-FI could potentially provide?
Several locations now offer WI-FI, but at a nominal fee. So rather than fork-up the WI-FI fee we find ourselves driving to far-flung locations in search of the elusive FREE WI-FI and in the process buy coffee, snacks, water, Frapuccinos, sandwiches and whatever else will pull us through the evening. Now if you calculate gas and time its probably far more affordable to go to say Chicos, Denny’s, or CiCi’s and plop down at a table than drive to a free-spot, but what can we say, there’s some magical quality about the words FREE. They entice people, lures them into the black hole to spend more. Right now, as its stands we’re aware of one FREE WI-FI location — Amelia Earhart Park, which closes at sundown.
So here’s a thought business owners, most of you already pay for internet connection, why not entice customers with that four letter word FREE? We promise we’ll come, check cards in hand.


1 Response to "WI-FI, why not?"

I’m the same way — always searching for WIFI. What we need is someone to do a post on where some of the best free ones are, and then other people add to the list. Where are your favorite spots? I find libraries and college campuses are good, real estate offices sometimes, mom and pop cafes…

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