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Applebee’s decor highlights Hialeah

Posted on: October 17, 2008

Provides new place to grab a drink and catch-up

The last year or so has brought some new bright and shinny store fronts and dinning venues to La Ciudad Que Progessa — Fudruckers, Target, Loews, Starbucks, Kohls — now we can enjoy some upstanding chain-restaurants before or after sipping our cafecito.

This week we finally made it to the brand-new Applebee’s (Shameful, we know, but we’ve been busy setting up the blog!). It was, however worth the wait. We were greeted in high spirits and led to a table in the heart of the restaurant where we enjoyed a 360-degree view. Keeping in Applebee’s fashion, the decor highlights its location — in this case Hialeah. There were colorful murals and photos of Hialeah Speedway, Racetrack, Police and Fire Departments and the local high schools. We’ve got to give a hand to Applebee’s they did a wonderful job creating an inviting atmosphere.

Considering it was a Wednesday evening the place had a nice crowd. Food was good and the wait staff was eager to please, albeit a big young and still working out the kinks. The location, at the corner of West 16th Avenue and 37 Street, while at first odd, it works (you’d think they would have set-up shop on 49 Street, 103rd for non-Hialeahans). The neighborhood needed sprucing-up and it seems as if the whole big-box commercial complex is inspiring pre-existing business; while we were there the strip-mall center across the street was getting a fresh paint job.

As a whole Applebee’s gets two thumbs-up.


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