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The Sun-Sentinel reports that FC Barcelona and Miami businessman Marcelo Claure, who owns FC Bolivar, recently met with Mayors Julio Robaina and Manny Diaz to explore the possibility of a stadium for an MLS expansion team that’s in the the works for South Florida.

Now soccer fans don’t jump the gun, this was very preliminary considering the franchise has not been approved and there’s a five-year agreement on the table with FIU. As Mr. Claure put it, ‘you’ve got to walk before you can run’ — he’s right and we wish them well, be it at FIU or in the future in Hialeah.

Background: South Florida briefly had the Fusion, which played at Fort Lauderdale’s Lockhart Stadium for four years before being disbanded after the 2001 season.

Its about time South Florida had a major league soccer team again — its a no-brainer the demographics are perfect.


Time’s running out folks, make sure to get out there and vote early. From what we’ve seen lines are wrapping around JFK Library so give yourself plenty of time to cast your ballot.

Two big races featuring Hialeahans include the race for Florida House District 110 and the U.S. 21st Congressional District seat.

District 110’s race features Esteban “Steve” Bovo (R), current Hialeah City Council president and Nancy L. Stander (D) a school teacher and former staffer for U.S. Sen. Graham.

The other heated battle is the seat currently held by Lincoln Diaz-Balart (R) and being challenged by former Hialeah Mayor Raul Martinez (D). The battle has garnered a lot of press lately particularly with accusations of absentee voter fraud. — “La cosa se esta poniendo caliente,” as one political junkie put it recently.

This morning after coffee spilled onto the floor of the car and several profanities were blurted out, the first thought that came to mind was — is the Grove relocating their signature birds?

We should explain, its standard procedure to see a couple chickens, a flock of pigeons and even a stray dog on the morning commute out of Hialeah, but when a peacock darts out in front of the car, well that makes you stop and contemplate things.

Yes, peafowl are common in the Grove, hey they even want to put them on birth control, but in Hialeah, well we’re more a chicken or rooster kind of town. It’d be less startling to see a flamingo stroll by considering there’s a flock over at the racetrack.

Anyhow what’s the deal? Are local botanicas branching out or is the peacock the next phase of lawn decor? — Enlighten us please.

The last few days are a clear reminder of why we continue to live with the heat and humidity for a few months out of the year — our weather is just stunning. Fresh, cool and bright sunny days what more can we ask for? Well maybe some outdoor seating to take it all in.

Yesterday, as we sat in the parking lot at Starbucks 49 street, it dawned on us that there really are no outdoor dinning venues in Hialeah. We apparently weren’t the only ones that decided to celebrate the weather by grabbing a coffee at an outdoor table, the place was packed. Problem was we still hadn’t had dinner.

Now where could we go, have a casual diner outdoors close to home? Um well, nowhere really. And that in our humble opinion is sad. Tourists flock to the sand and surf and yes the beach accommodates them with sidewalk tables, fans and those neat misty machines, but what about the natives. Granted for a few months we’d be lining up for the AC, but otherwise why not add a few tables throw in a few potted palms or trees and create some ambiance.

Our evening ended at Chilis, which was great, good company decent food, but we couldn’t help but think, how hard would it be to add a few tables outside, see what happens.

Side note: Latin Cafe has some tables but really its more a sit and wait while your orders prepared kind of thing. And rumor has it Applebee’s has some outdoor seating, but we missed it on our visit.

Howl O’Ween Hialeah
For three bucks a piece you can pile all the kids into the car and head over Milander Auditorium, 4800 Palm Avenue, for a spooky night of fun. Hey, if you plan ahead, you can walk and trick or treat on the way the kids will love it. There’ll be food and crafts and a kids costume contest on Halloween night. The event will run for three nights Oct. 28, 29 and 31st.

November 10-14 the City of Hialeah Cultural Affairs Council will be holding an Artist Showcase highlighting the cities aspiring artists. Pieces will be on display during the month with an awards ceremony held Nov. 14 at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall. If you’re interested contact the city’s communications & special events department at 305-889-5701. There are a few requirements: all art must be original, one piece per artist, canvas should not exceed 18” x 24” and all work must be submitted by Nov. 7. So get on it, you have until Nov. 1 to register.